Lift Support

The Kandokav Machine Company policy on Service lies on prevention and adaptation of solutions that suit your every needs. Expert, technical advice, providing assistance for your every need. A Kandokav Machine Services expert over the phone offers you the best solution adapted to your case.


Kandokav Machine company (PJSC) is proud of all our products with one year warranty for all parts and also provide support for 15 years. Therefore, the company's after-sales service team ready to serve our valuable customers during all the year, even on holidays. The company also maintenance contracts with special conditions to protect the lift equipment better. The expert and responsible after-sales service give you one-year warranty for lift products and unique experience to provide a guarantee.

Spare Parts

With more than 4,000 items of spare parts for lifts in the warehouse all the necessary parts are sent to work area as soon as possible. All the spare parts have a unique serial number and has a warranty of 3 months from the date of their delivery. Use these parts ensures that repair and maintenance is best done and increases the lifetime of the lift. The use of the spare parts is the best choice with regard to price, quality and availability of it.