End Market

In a wide range of industries, business and manufacturing sites around the world lift products are used. Kandokav Machine multipurpose lifts and people lift equipments are perfect chioce for many application. Wherever you need to raise people, tools and equipments our lifts will be the best option.

Aviation industry

To implement all the needs of the aviation industry, including raising the load, equipment and aircraft maintenance , there are suitable lifts in a variety of models.

Industrial plants

Scissors, Articulated, Crawler and Truck lifts are widely used for repairment and maintenance in industrial Factories.

Construction industry

For inside or outside of buildings and for almost every stage of construction there is suitable lift. For years the construction industry using our lift equipments.

Entertainment industry

Small and Lightweight lifts with high height outreach are the best choice for use in theater and concert halls and television, photography and movie studios. Lighting design and other matters related to the entertainment industry is easily possible with Lighwight platforms which are suitable Due to its low weight for fragile surfaces.

Industry and state-owned companies

Highly specialized lift products for state-owned companies and industries applications such as design, manufacture, service and support are offered by our company experts and experienced team.

Warehouses and Department Stores

Various types of electric lifts and platforms are used in warehouses and stores in order to increase speed and safety.