About KandokavMachine

About Kandokavmachine Company

Kandokav Machine Co. (PJSC) has registered on Nov.21.1998 with registered number 145314 in Tehran Companies Registration Office. The company offers the most complete set of lift and is the first presenter of wide range of lift truck with high height in Iran. The other honor of our company is getting Exclusive sales and after sale service agency of Haulotte of France, Barin of Italy, Omme Lift of Denmark in Iran and offer more than 130 models of lift and downward truck with the height of -30 to +90 meter and ±35 horizontal reach. Kandokav Machine with his continued presence from 2006 with respect to the objectives of the parent company (Haulotte Group with over 130 years of experience, the first truck manufacturer in Europe with more than 36,000 units and annual production of more than 100 dealers across the world) tries to providing lift with the latest technology and world standards, is the first and most prestigious regional companies.Our goal is to rising support our customers with optimum warranty, and quick after sales service and offer a variety of equipment requested by customers.